Saturday, April 28, 2012

Nominate a POTSy Mom or Dad!

Hey everyone!

My munchkins <3
With Mother's Day and Father's Day fast approaching - consider nominating your favorite POTSy parent for local and national "Best Mom" or "Best Dad" !

I know loads of amazing parents caring for their kids that have POTS, as well as POTSy parents trying to raise kids while battling this condition.  We know how hard both are!

That person may win a cool prize AND get some much needed publicity/awareness for POTS!

I have been seeing adds on TV for lots of local competitions around here, and here are some national links for Mother's Day contests to get you started: 

The Ellen Show 

A HUGE list on 

Macy’s Mother’s Day Choose Your Cruise Sweepstakes

Is that RED HAIR???



Have a great weekend!  

I'm now going to post pictures of my adorable kids.  They are amazing and super cute (I'm a bit biased of course!)


My Gabriella, always smiling and sticking her tongue out!
Playing board games in bed with Lukas :)


Lukas and Gabi hangin with Mom (me) on the bed.

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