Tools / Tips for Patients

New to POTS or looking for resources?  

This will also be an ongoing list of helpful (hopefully!) and creative ways to cope with the lifestyle changes and issues we deal with while living with POTS. (email me with suggested additions to this list!)



Creating a POTS Binder
What Is Causing Your POTS? And Why It IS A BIG DEAL: A Printable, Sourced Guide
Tips for Doctor and Emergency Room Visits
Excercise for POTSies (from POTSgrrrl)
POTS Symptom Tracker
What To Eat When You "Can't Cook Anything": Strategies For The Chronically Fatigued (from Infectiously Optomistic)
Things I find help with POTS Symptoms (from Irish Dysautonomia)
Terms related to POTS: the dysautonomia dictionary from POTSgrrl  

From the Dysautonomia Younth Network of America:


Printable POTS Info Sheet from STARS

Compression stockings: From beige to brilliant. (from the Living With Bob blog)

Medhelp Dysautonomia Tracker 

What Helps?  (From DINET, drug and non drug listing)



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