Friday, January 27, 2012

POTS Symptom Tracker

Get the new POTS Symptom Tracker!  Email me and I will send it to you, I can't figure out how to post it here for download (yet), only as an image.
  • Available as an Excel spreadsheet or PDF, with easy to fill in info, either on your computer or by hand
  • The symptoms listed are based on cited research, you can print it and bring it in to your doctor, along with the article if you wish
  • There are links with an explanation on taking your blood pressure and heart rate as well
  • You (and your doc) can see trends in your symptoms and vitals over time
Hope this helps!  I know it helps me to have concrete data to see patterns in my symtoms.    

Here's an image of it, you can click on it and save it for your use - print it or copy it into a word document:

I will work on getting the file posted here, until then, feel free to copy and paste it into a word doc, or contact me for it.  Or make your own!  Have a great unPOTSy day!

****Found a way to FILE SHARE on Facebook - here's the link to download the XL file!

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