Monday, January 9, 2012

Journal articles you can print and bring to your doctor...

I have found that many of my local doctors have very little (if any) knowledge about POTS and Dysautonomia.  I usually try and bring at least one journal article with me to give them, and I stress that these are peer reviewed journal articles, not just random stuff from Google or Wikipedia.  They are research studies published in medical journals, and should give you credibility in the doctor's eyes, and if you are lucky, won't bruise their ego :) 

I have categorized them by issues common to POTS sufferers when trying to obtain treatment from both general practitioner doctors, specialists unfamiliar with POTS, and ER doctors.  Some are only abstracts, but your doctor should be able to use it to look up the full article if they feel it's relevant.  It is a starting point, and I have included a link to the DINET site's compilation of links to papers and organizations that deal with POTS and co-occurring illnesses. You may want to add the most relevant artiles to your POTS Binder. If you have any to add or topics you'd like covered, please leave a comment or contact me.

General POTS info/treatment:


1.Postural tachycardia syndrome and anxiety disorders

Hyperadrenic POTS, MCAD (Mast Cell Activation Disorder) and Mastocytosis:

Hypovolemia & Dehydration:

1. Hypovolemia in syncope and orthostatic intolerance role of the renin-angiotensin system.

2,  Renin-Aldosterone Paradox and Perturbed Blood Volume Regulation Underlying Postural Tachycardia Syndrome

3. In Support of IV Therapy For POTS Patients  
***This is not a medical journal article, but references a few, and has a clearly explained, concise argument for IV therapy

For (LOTS!) more links/Info on POTS related illnesses:

Check out the Dysautonomia Information Network (DINET):


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  1. "The postural tachycardia syndrome: When to consider it in adolescents", by Blair P. Grubb, MD, accessed from, is a detailed and helpful article, that includes a list of possible medications to be used in case of POTS.