Friday, March 23, 2012

New Autonomic Clinic Opening in Norfolk, VA (NEAR ME!)

So for any Virginians (and other East Coaster's) that haven't been able to get a full autonomic work up - I have great news!  (Insert happy dance while seated!)

I met with Dr. Chemali, who just came to Norfolk, VA from the Cleveland Clinic, and specializes in Dysautonomia, and has worked with some of the best minds in the field.  As we all know, Mayo, Vanderbilt, and Cleveland Clinic are where you go to get quality autonomic testing done.

Well, he is opening a full lab right here in Norfolk!  It will be located in the new Heart Hospital of Sentara Norfolk General.  My understanding is that it will be fully up and running in September.

This is a God send for me, and I think many others.  There is a SERIOUS shortage of proper equipment to diagnose Dysautonomia in Virginia, and even more so there is a shortage of specialists. Some facilities may have a few tests they can run, but their doctors don't really diagnose and treat the big picture that is dysautonomia.   I was shocked when Hopkins had no one to help me while I was there.

My hope is that Chemali will train up a few doctors and get the ball rolling, or maybe bring in another specialist or two, and start seeing patients and doing clinical trials/research like crazy.

Here is a link to Dr. Chemali and the Neurology Group's Info.   No one else in his group treats dysautonomia of any sort (I've seen a few - don't bother), so make sure you ask for him.  His nurse and the staff are very nice.  This is very exciting!

Now; a quick illustration/exploration of various happy dance options (modified to work with your POTS of course):

the nun happy dance

the Calvin and Hobbs happy dance

the robot with no arms happy dance

the cool turtle happy dance

the all time classic Snoopy happy dance

Hope everyone is having a great and unPOTSy day!

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