Thursday, March 15, 2012

Skype Meet Up Tonight! 8PM EST

Hello VA/DC/MD (and beyond!) POTSies!

Tonight is our first try at a Skype meet up!  Until we get enough people participating that we can split up geographically - I opened this up to anyone anywhere affiliated with POTS - including parents, caregivers, etc...

In order for you to participate, I need you to send me a contact request so I can add you to the conference call group "Team STOP POTS".

Here's how to do this:

1.  Get a FREE Skype account at

2.  Pick a name, mine is @Eklaye (not that anyone cares, but my old nick name was E-claire, as in an eclair, the pastry, but that name was taken, hence the Eklayre)

3. Send @Eklayre a contact add request, directions here.  If you like, find info on group calls here.

4. I will add you to our group, its free up to 25 people.  

5. I will call everyone who RSVP's by sending a contact request at 8 PM Eastern Time.  If you find you cant make the call, please message me so I can open up space for others.

6.  If you are international, or in another part of the country and need time info, check out this World Clock Converter for time info.

7. Have your Skype on at 8 PM EST, and I'll call you!  Look forward to "seeing" you all!

So what will we be talking about??  Whats the plan??

Here are my thoughts/goals:

  • General introductions, as this is our first time :)
  • I have a proposal regarding the structure of STOP POTS and how to get more locally based support groups up and running; in person, online, meet ups, ect...
  • Discuss your desires/needs for support groups or future meetings
  • I burn out with my pathetic lung capacity after about 30 minutes max, so it will be a brief, starter call.  
  • If you have other suggestions for topics let me know! 

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