Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Finding Your Cause: The Project (need your help!)

I am on a "Find your POTS cause" crusade, which I think actually applies to Dysautonomia in general as well.  I have a plan for compiling a large printable sourced guide that you (and I!) can hopefully use to try and navigate the diagnosis process and make it a bit easier.

So this will be a multi- part process, and I need your help!


  • Part 2 will involve adding the appropriate testing for all the causes listed in part 1, and separating this into a new printable guide.  If you are up to helping on this, please contact me!

  • Part 3 will involve personal stories of people living with these diseases, causes, and issues related to POTS.  I'd like to feature a brief (or long if you prefer) write up on a persons journey to getting their cause diagnosis.   PLEASE CONTACT ME TO IF YOU'D LIKE YOUR STORY FEATURED!  Stories of success and hope are needed as well! 


    Thanks everyone, and much of this will hopefully transition over to the new Non Profit I am founding, Dysautonomia SOS.   More details on that coming soon.  Lots of work going on behind the scenes, very exciting stuff!



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  1. Claire, God Bless you, im sending every spoon i can to you. Go Girl. Shalom.. SL