Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Taking a break...

Peace out homies (for a bit)
As you may have noticed, have not been posting here much. This has never been a narative blog, I've tried to keep it science based. That takes a lot of work, and for now, my limited energy and time spent of that type of writing will be devoted to Dysautonomia SOS.

Dysautonomia SOS is a nonprofit, with a board of directors, medical advosors, the works! I feel like I can affect more change via that platform at this point. My health has been declining unfortunately, with no treatment successes beyond IV fluids, so I have to pick and choose where my spoons go.

I'm going to leave STOP POTS up as a resource, BUT WILL NOT ANSWERING EMAIL. If you need support, please head to the Dysautonomia SOS page and contact via that website, or look through the many resources there. Much of what is on this blog (especially the "Find your POTS Cause stuff) is being formally rewritten for the nonprofit and will be up in the coming months.

Thank you for understanding! I hope this page continues to be of help to others!

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  1. On the chance you are still reading, I just emailed the organization about an interview I did with a woman who has dysautonomia. We discussed how her dog will now alert her before she suffers an attack so that she can sit down or get to a safe place.

    My homepage is http://pomskyhq.com but the interview can be found here: http://pomskyhq.com/designer-dogs-and-dysautonomia/

    Hopefully you guys will fill it is worthy enough to share on your website/blogs/social media. Thank you.