Monday, September 30, 2013

Dysautonomia Awareness Month 2013

In case you hadn't heard - it's unofficially Dysautonomia Awareness Month in October - which is this week! Here are a few links and graphics from Dysautonomia SOS you can share to spread the word:

Sized for Facebook and Instagram.

General flier.

Sized to be a profile pic on Facebook.

I love all my POTSies :)

Humor is the best weapon sometimes!

See? Humor. Win.

This is sized to be a Facebook header.
Happy October!!!! Let's spread the word homies!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013


First trip out in the new power chair.
I wrote this a little over a year ago and nothing has changed in my opinion of ditching the term "invisible illness". When I see your pictures - I see you are ill. If you are trying to "pretend" to look normal, you can't expect anyone to know you are sick, and that is fine. BUT- it's time to put the shame aside, start talking more, and educate people about what's wrong. Ditch the stigma. It starts with us. If we cling to this term, it continues to keep those illnesses invisible. And if you need to hide your illness (for work, kids, etc...) don't expect people will magically know you are sick. You can read more about my thoughts on this below.