Thursday, August 16, 2012

Dysautonomia Awareness Bracelets!

We are doing our first fundraiser for Dysautonomia SOS, and were lucky enough to have these awesome GLOW IN THE DARK awareness bands designed and donated to us by a girl that battles POTS named Bella.

 They say "Upright & Conscious" on one side, and Dysautonomia SOS"on the other, and are a cool shade of blue that glow in the dark.  Did I mention they glow in the dark?

Bella and her Mom Cara have been a huge help in getting Dysautonomia SOS off the ground.  They are spreading awareness on social media like crazy, and are helping with projects behind the scenes, even in the midst of them both battling Dysautonomia related health issues.  We can't thank them enough!

They are $5 each, which includes shipping to the Continental US.  They are $8 to Canada, and $10 to the UK and Europe (includes shipping!). Email for other locations.

We are hosting this first campaign entirely through Paypal.  The donations/proceeds from the bracelets go to support the organization, and the projects we support, including printing of free materials for physicians offices, a mentoring program, research funding, and physician and medical school education campaigns.

You can click below to purchase, or send an email to for more information, or to be emailed an invoice.  If you are outside the Continental US, please email us for an invoice.

Price/Donation Options

If you are so inclined - we'd love to have PICTURES of you sporting these cool bands! email them to us at

If you'd like more info about the organization while we are waiting on the website to be completed (soon!), check out our Tumblr page/blog and find us going bonkers pinning on Pinterest.

THANK YOU ALL! And thanks again to Bella and Cara for these awesome bands!  Feel free to pass on, repost, and share away!


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  1. I think these braclets are an amazing idea, i have NCS and i will be buying one of these braclets. I will be asking my sisters and mum to get some to!

  2. I "met" Bella and her mom through facebook. My son also has POTS and all that goes with it. Thankfully not as severe as Bella's. They are both very strong great people. They sent my son and I one a while ago and we took pictures recently. I will try to send them. Think I need another bracelet to help this wonderful cause! :)

  3. Bella and her mom are certainly exceptional people. Despite their illness, they are still able to help others who are in the same condition as theirs by raising awareness. And through these bracelets, many will know what dysautonomia is and what they can do to help. I hope that they succeed in making people aware and that they continue to reach out to victims of dysautonomia.

    To know more about these bracelets, you can check out this site:

  4. Do you still have any bracelets?

  5. Hey I am really interested in getting a few of these bracelets.
    Are they still available?
    Let me know!!